Honest Shoppers Fingered In Accidental Break In, Pay For Goods [Video]

An “accidental break in” in Wayne, New Jersey happened recently, when a store that appeared open lured in a group of young men — who were caught on security cameras not robbing the place.

Snagged in the act of being good were a bunch of guys who wandered into Buddy’s Small Lots, unaware due to the full lighting and unlocked door that the store (located inside an open mall) had closed for the day.

During the inadvertent break in, four William Paterson University students are seen on tape shopping, then calling out for a register clerk to no avail.

After trying their best to summon a cashier, the young men add up the tally and leave the full cost of their purchases on the counter. Of course, no cashier would arrive because the store had been closed — but the front door lock malfunctioned and the men had no idea they were breaking into a closed store.

When Buddy’s Small Lots learned about the break in in progress, they expected far, far worse. After police arrived to find nothing missing or damaged, surveillance video revealed what actually happened — showing the stand up guys who could have walked out with the goods even if they didn’t realize the shop was closed.

Marci Lederman, director of operations for Buddy’s Small Lots, says:

“The manager did lock the doors, but there was a glitch in our system and the alarm popped the door back open.”

Lederman was moved by the honest “robbers” and their actions when they believed no one was looking, saying of the men that the incident had brightened the business’ day:

“I think that there are still wonderful people in this world that have a sense of honor and dignity… They were coming in there to shop, they did just that, and they felt that it was the right thing to do to leave the money behind. They didn’t take advantage.”

Student Thomas James was one of the four honest shoppers caught on tape, and said that he was initially scared when he learned the store had been closed all along.

James says:

“My heart dropped. I’m like, ‘Are we in trouble?’ “

Watch the honest shoppers and the Buddy’s Small Lots accidental break in in the clip above on TODAY.