Introducing The Google Cr-48, The First Chrome OS Based Netbook

Google today took some time to debut the Cr-48, the first netbook to feature the company’s new Chrome OS.

The netbook, in a surprising move by Google will feature no branding anywhere on the device and will be available as part of the company’s Chrome OS pilot program.

The netbook features a 12.1-inch display, while offering a full size QWERTY keyboard.

Other hardware includes a clickable touchpad, World-mode 3G through Verizon Wireless (no subscription required) and WiFi 802.11n along with a webcam.

Users will also enjoy the 8 hours of active use and 8 days of standby.

YouTube videos can be uploaded by users who want to show Google why they should be chosen for the pilot program, while other users may simply choose to apply via the web.

Cr-48 units will go out in January to those people lucky enough to be chosen for the pilot program.

In the meantime, here’s a video of Chrome OS in action: