Gran Turismo 5 finally gets a damage patch

Gran Turismo 5 just got a little less “boring and sterile” with the arrival of a new patch for car damage.

1UP reports that the free downloadable update introduces three levels of car damage in the game, though whether any of them are quite as jaw-dropping as F1 2010‘s spectacular smashes is yet to be seen.

A small disclaimer here: damage can only be switched on in the “Lounge” section of the game’s main menu, while the Campaign or Arcade modes don’t have it.

As Campaign is the meat of this very meaty game, that’s a little odd, but perhaps damage will be enabled elsewhere in a future patch, of which there will probably be many: developer Polyphony Digital has already promised an option to remove the in-game HUD and YouTube replay uploads in upcoming updates.

[Via 1UP]