First Mind Meld: Vulcan Scientists Demonstrate Brain-To-Brain Communication [Video]

A couple of Vulcan scientists from the University of Washington claim that they have successfully completed the first mind meld.

For those of you who aren’t sci-fi fans, we’re talking about mind control. Brain-to-brain communication. Extrasensory perception. Telepathic communication. You know, a mind meld.

Psychology professor Andrea Stocco claims that he has figured out a way to control another person’s movements with his mind.

For the experiment, Stocco enlisted the help of computer science and engineering professor Rajesh Rao.

Rao played the puppet master, Stocco played the mind slave, and they both played a simple video game.

NBC News reports that Stocco wore a special cap with a magnetic coil placed above the region of the brain that controls his right hand. Rao wore a similar cap and was instructed to think about pressing a button with his right hand.

Stocco writes: “The Internet was a way to connect computers, and now it can be a way to connect brains…. We want to take the knowledge of a brain and transmit it directly from brain to brain.”

Stocco claims that his right hand moved involuntarily with the help of Rao’s brain power.

The professor explained: “It was akin to the sensation when your eye twitches… You know that your eye is twitching, but you don’t know when it’s coming.”

Here’s a video about the experiment.

Rao said that the experiment was a success but admitted that there was much more work to do. The next step, according to Rao, is to see if they can conduct the first mind meld with two way communication.

Rao said: “It was both exciting and eerie to watch an imagined action from my brain get translated into actual action by another brain. This was basically a one-way flow of information from my brain to his. The next step is having a more equitable two-way conversation directly between the two brains.”