Elizabeth Edwards, wife of John Edwards, dies at 61

Just a day after news broke that Elizabeth Edwards’ cancer had spread and she’d opted not to treat it, a family friend has confirmed to media outlets that former senator John Edwards’ estranged wife has died of the illness.

Edwards, 61, worked as an attorney for decades, retiring in the mid 1990s after her son Wade died. She married former vice presidential candidate John Edwards in 1977, and separated from him earlier this year. Although information regarding her passing this afternoon has not been widely released, she posted a message on Facebook recently reflecting on her illness:

“You all know that I have been sustained throughout my life by three saving graces – my family, my friends, and a faith in the power of resilience and hope,” she wrote. “These graces have carried me through difficult times and they have brought more joy to the good times than I ever could have imagined.”

“The days of our lives, for all of us, are numbered. We know that. And, yes, there are certainly times when we aren’t able to muster as much strength and patience as we would like. It’s called being human,” wrote Edwards.

“But I have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days I do have are made all the more meaningful and precious. And for that I am grateful.”

The Edwards family has not yet released a comment regarding her death.