French Fry Burger Heading To Burger King

It’s been a big day for fast food news. McDonald’s wings are about to hit stores, Japan is about to release a MegaBurgerPizza, and now Burger King is getting ready to unveil its french fry burger.

The french fry burger will go on sale this September and will cost $1.

And in case you are wondering just what a french fry burger is? Well, it’s a regular $1 Burger King burger but, get this, it has four fries stuffed under the bun.

It isn’t exactly the most innovative product in the world but fast food restaurants like Burger King are being forced to constantly change their menus in order to stay competitive.

Taco Bell has been blurring the line between junk food and snack food, McDonald’s has been reworking its classic quarter pounders, and Burger King is trying to expand its dollar menu.

Fast food restaurants are also starting to step out of their defined parameters and into new markets. McDonald’s, for instance, recently unveiled its new chicken wings. Taco Bell is expanding its breakfast menu, and Burger King recently unveiled a McDonald’s McRib imitator.

What do you think of the french fry burger? Are you happy that the fast food wars are bringing menu changes to restaurants around the country?