Honest Shoppers Enter Closed Store By Accident, Still Pay For Goods

A group of honest shopper have been lauded for their honesty after they accidentally broke into a shop in New Jersey but still left money for their purchases.

The incident occurred on Sunday August 25 at Buddy’s Small Lots in Wayne, New Jersey on Route 23 at 7 pm. A manager of the store received a phone call that informed them their establishment had been broken in to, but when they arrived, they soon discovered that nothing was in fact missing.

When they looked at surveillance footage of the ordeal, it simply showed people walking into the shop and then waiting for assistance for their purchases.

However, they soon came to the conclusion that no one was around,so they calculated what their products cost,and then left the correct money even though no one was around to force them. The group bought sunglasses and batteries.

The manager revealed that the lock on the door was the reason for the confusion. It had malfunctioned, and the lights had remained on, as the shopping mall that it is located in was also still open at the time; plus it has a pharmacy and grocery store either side of it that were also still serving customers. This issue has since been resolved by those in charge of the store.

Marci Lederman, the manager of Buddy’s Small Lots, explained, “We got a phone call at the police department saying there had been a break in at the store.”

Luke Margolis added, “Buddy’s really wants to thank them, so we’d love for them to come forward and tell us who they are so that we can give them some gift certificates and hopefully just say thank you in person.”

Buddy’s has only recently opened the location in the area, and this situation has helped owners to confirm that this is perfect spot for their burgeoning store.

[Image via CRM/Shutterstock]