Father Of 54 Children Samuel Delbert Whitney Dies

Samuel Delbert Whitney, who is estimated to have fathered 54 children, died last month and his entire family gathered to bid farewell to him at his funeral last weekend.

Whitney, who was a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, died at the age of 87, and he is believed to have been the father to 54 children who age from 69 down to 13 years of age. The youngest of which was born when Whitney was in his mid 70s.

He has been described as a bit of a wild man by one of his daughters, and three other sisters admitted that they even had difficulty locating down all of his offspring.

Whitney, who ran an operating wrecking yard in south Phoenix, also worked in numerous social clubs too in the city.

Whitney has fathered so man children that no one knows exactly how many sons and daughters he has. Lexi Woods, one of his eldest, revealed that her father once revealed that she had 41 brothers and sisters, but friends have revealed that it was actually closer to 54.

Marilyn Whitney, another of his daughters, praised her father, calling him a family man, but admitting, "He had a lot of umph in him I guess."

Lexi, Marilyn and Sandra, who are all aged 69 and are Samuel's oldest children, decided to organise the memorial service and then attempted to track down their siblings.

However, because they didn't know how many siblings they had or even who they were, they took drastic steps to hunt them down. They put up posters throughout south Phoenix, which informed them the memorial was at Bridge Church.

They then contacted a local TV news station who aired a feature on the bizarre search too, which lead more people to come forward, with some even flying in from as far as Los Angeles.

In the end, the sisters admitted that the service was a success, and they each gathered together to celebrate their father's life.