Jessica Biel Inspires Jealousy On Twitter After VMAs

Jessica Biel is a beautiful woman. She has a very successful acting career, looks great in a sheer dress, and is married to Justin Timberlake, one of the biggest musicians working today. For some Twitter users, her life is just a little too good.

Biel turned some heads last night when she was spotted in a sexy black dress celebrating Timberlake's VMA award. The fashion world had differing opinions about Biel's dress (some said that she stole the look from Britney Spears... GASP) but pretty much everyone agreed that Biel was a very lucky girl.

One user writes: "Jessica Biel is the luckiest girl in the world."

US Magazine notes that Biel wasn't seen at the Barclays Center for the award show but she was definitely out for the celebration. Biel attended Jay Z's and P Diddy's after party where she hung out with her husband Timberlake and the other members of 'NSync.

A source said: "Jessica was amazing. She was having a blast and the guys loved her."

Photos of the actress started circulating on line and plenty of people chimed in to reassure Biel that she is, in fact, stunning. Others, well, others couldn't help but express a little jealousy.

Biel even inspired some good ol' fashion homicidal humor.Are you a fan of Jessica Biel? Are you surprised that just about everyone is jealous of her? You can jump into the debate about her sheer dress here.