‘Arrested Development’ Movie Is Still Moving Forward, Says Mitch Hurwitz

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz said he’s currently working on the big-screen version of the sitcom. However, that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen anytime soon.

The fourth season of the acclaimed comedy definitely left the door wide open for further adventures of the Bluth family. Hurwitz recently told Rolling Stone magazine that he’d love to do another season of the series after the movie has enjoyed a healthy theatrical run.

Here’s the problem: No one has officially signed on for the Arrested Development movie as of this writing. Since the stars are quite busy with projects of their own, getting everyone back together again could be problematic. Hurwitz said this isn’t stopping him from thinking about the future.

“I can’t get into much more detail because I don’t want to scare anybody off. I don’t want to be presumptuous about it. I don’t own the property outright — it’s a 20th Century Fox property. But everybody seems really into it and really eager to make a movie,” he explained.

Just because Hurwitz is working on the Arrested Development movie doesn’t mean you should bug the guy about it should you bump into him on the street. According to the sitcom’s creator, dishing about something that hasn’t happened yet is a good way to sink the project completely.

“I’m hoping it happens as soon as possible. But I want to be very careful about not putting out false information. I want to get a time and tell everybody when it’s happening and not play with people,” Hurwitz said.

He added, “Right now, I’m trying to do something else for Netflix and a movie project and things. I’m always sort of superstitious about talking about this stuff before it happens. It’s the best way to guarantee it doesn’t happen.”

The proposed Arrested Development movie doesn’t have a release date as of this writing.

[Image via 20th Century Fox / Netflix]