Apple iPhone 4 Made With T-Rex Tooth, Diamonds And Meteors, Now Available

Ready to take your iPhone 4 use to the next level? If you have $62,700 to spend on your next Smartphone we can help. The “HISTORY” Edition by Stuart Hughes is so extravagant that it has out of this world features, quite literally.

First, from our planet comes the phones 8.5ct internally flawless diamonds which surround the bezel of the device, while also covering up the Apple logo on the back of the phone.

Next up is the back side of the device, which isn’t your standard iPhone 4 battery cover, instead it’s made from a T-Rex Tooth, mixed with the very much “off planet” use of meteorite fragments.

With only 10 of these special edition phones available, your chances of getting one are pretty low, but when your rich buddies whip out their Vertu phones, you can pull out your planet leaping, dinosaur toting device and have the last rich guy laugh.

[via OhGizmo!]