One Direction Thought Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance Was ‘Family Friendly’

The boys of One Direction don’t understand why so many Americans were “shocked” by Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV VMAs.

The 1D crew were recently attending the US premiere of their first movie This Is Us when they opened up about Miley’s performance and the duet portion of her appearance with Robin Thicke.

Speaking to Yahoo News Harry Styles says of Miley’s on-stage shenanigans: “It was very reserved. I think she’s quite shy and it’s about time she came out of her shell a bit.”

Louis Tomlison was also surprised by the press the performance has received: “We were shocked by how much coverage there was. I think she was shocked. I don’t think she knew she would get so much attention from that.”

Liam Payne even thought the performance was “very nice,” “cute,” and even “timid.”

Niall Horan didn’t even describe his take on the performance but rather noted that he didn’t get what “everyone was talking about.”

The guys then took their view of the performance one step further calling it a “family friendly” romp that can be enjoyed by “kids and your grandma.”

MTV in the meantime is under attack by the Parents Television Council who has called the performance “unacceptable” because of its “provocative” nature.

In a moment of humor and possibly sadness, Robin Thicke’s own mom Gloria admits she can “never unsee” Miley Cyrus grinding on her older son.

Miley may have walked away with the nights most memorable and controversial moment but the guys of One Direction took the “Best Song of the Summer” award for “Best Song Ever.”

Do you think Miley Cyrus was overly provocative with her MTV VMA performance?