Drake Sued By Former Stylist

Drake is being sued by his former stylist, Michael Raphael.

Raphael claimed that Drake owes him $76,490 for consulting, travel, and shopping expenses accrued as of December 2012, according to TMZ. Raphael said he was hired in August 2012 for consulting services at a monthly rate of $39,583, which includes styling, clothing and graphic design for OVO, photography, and other services.

The lawsuit claimed that the wages did not include any expenses the stylist incurred on Drake’s behalf.

Raphael said Drake paid his bills from August until November, but suddenly stopped paying in December. Raphael said he spent nearly $40,000 in shopping and other expenses, on top of his salary, for a total of $76,490. He is suing Drake for the full amount.

This isn’t the only lawsuit Drake has been hit with recently. Last year, the rapper was sued by a New York City nightclub following a fight with Chris Brown.

Drake and Brown got into a fight at W.i.P. nightclub in June 2012. Another club in the same building, Greenhouse, claimed the fight caused irreparable harm to its reputation. Entertainment Enterprises, the parent company that owns Greenhouse, filed a $16 million lawsuit against the 26-year-old and Brown.

Drake fought back against the lawsuit, claiming that Greenhouse’s reputation already included past fights, gang violence, and other sordid acts. He said the club was nearly shut down by the NYPD in 2011 following a “string of violent incidents.” He also said that the bad press created by the fight with Brown was manufactured by the media. His lawyers asked that the case be dropped.

In June, a year after Drake’s fight with Chris Brown, a judge ruled that neither artist owed the club anything and threw out the lawsuit. The judge said they had no duty to behave, especially since the fight didn’t happen on Greenhouse’s premises. The judge also said that nightclub fights aren’t that uncommon, and that Entertainment Enterprises can’t sue every time one breaks out.

[Photo credit: mp3waxx.com / Flickr]