Loch Ness Monster Probably Doesn’t Exist, But Here’s The Latest Sighting [Video]

Though some experts have said that the Loch Ness monster likely does not exist, a new round of photos and a video have sparked interest in the cryptozoological phenomenon yet again.

Amateur photographer David Elder was snapping photos of a swan from a pier at Fort Augustus when something strange caught his eye. He told the UK Mirror that is was a “solid black object” under the water that made a wave on top of the lake’s surface.

The 50-year-old snapped photos and even managed to capture a pretty clear, not-shaky video of the sighting.

“Out of the corner of my right eye, I caught site of a black area of water about 15 feet long, which developed into a kind of bow wave,” Elder said.

“I’m convinced this was caused by a solid black object under the water. The water was very still at the time and there were no ripples coming off the wave and no other activity on the water.

“Water was definitely going over something solid and making the wave. It looks like the sort of wave perhaps created by a windsurfing board, but there was nobody on the Loch at the time, no boats, nothing.

“It is something I just can’t explain.”

You can check out video of the latest Loch Ness monster sighting above, and tell us whether you think Nessie is fact or fiction in the comments area below.