Charlie Sheen to get his zombie on in Season 2 of The Walking Dead

According to a post on SocyBerty good old Charlie Sheen loves the AMC hit show The Walking Dead so much that he wanted to appear as a zombie in Season 2 of the show.

The publicist for Charlie Sheen also happens to represent the director of The Walking Dead, Jeffery DeMunn, and brought the two together on a deal that has seen Charlie clear his schedule for Two and a Half Men long enough to appear as an extra in the zombie show.

Upon hearing the news, Sheen was reportedly ecstatic, and has already cleared the shooting schedule with his Two and a Half Men duties. Sheen’s involvement may very well lead to others in the acting community making brief cameos as zombies, and idea Walking Dead creator Andrew Lincoln reportedly welcomes.

No word yet on what specific episode Sheen will be appearing in.

Gee, I wonder what a drunk zombie looks like? Guess we’ll know soon enough.