Sonia Gandhi Returns Home After Health Scare

Sonia Gandhi has returned home following a health scare. The 66-year-old India leader was taken to the hospital after complaining of chest pains.

Gandhi fell ill during the Food Security Bill debate at parliament. She was suffering from a headache, cough, and chest pains.

As reported by BBC, Gandhi was visibly weak and shaking as she was led to a waiting car. She was taken to Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Following an examination, doctors determined that she was suffering from a virus. After several hours, Sonia Gandhi was released to continue treatment at home.

Sonia Gandhi’s health has been a point of speculation for several years. In 2011, she traveled to the United States for treatment of an “undisclosed medical condition.”

Although she is a powerful politician, Gandhi has fought hard to keep her personal and medical business out of the public spotlight.

As reported by Notable Biographies, the Nehru-Gandhi family has led India since 1947. Sonia married into the family in 1968.

Sonia’s husband, Rajiv Gandhi, served as prime minister in the 1980s. He was assassinated in 1991.

Despite her reluctance, Sonia Gandhi was encouraged to become active in India politics. She eventually accepted the position of president of India’s Congress Party.

Gandhi does not hold an official position in India’s government, However, she is considered to be more powerful than prime minister Manmohan Singh.

The Nehru-Gandhi family has maintained their strong presence at the top of India’s government.

As reported by Yahoo News, the Food Security Bill will provide grain to nearly two-thirds of India’s residents. Gandhi has spoken in favor of the program, stating that “it’s time to take the historic step.”

She called for the India government to “pass [the bill] unanimously.” The bill passed parliament hours after Sonia Gandhi left for the hospital. It is now in the hands of the upper house.

[Image via Wikimedia]