Haters Gonna Hate, New Study Reveals The Reason Why

Haters gonna hate. Sure, we all know that it's true. But have you ever wondered why? A new study released on Monday may have the answer.

It could be that haters are just born that way.

According to researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Pennsylvania, people may have a positive or negative "dispositional attitude" from the time they were born. The team decided to test whether or not people had an overall tendency to like or dislike something.

As they said in their report, "At first glance, it may not seem useful to know someone's feelings about architecture when assessing their feelings about health care. After all, health care and architecture are independent stimuli with unique sets of properties, so attitudes toward these objects should also be independent."

But of course we all know that they're not independent.

The person that's all hating on some health care reform probably doesn't like the city's newest skyscraper either. And that same person is happy to explain to you why your favorite musician sucks.

That's why we all know people who cause us to roll our eyeballs and say, "Haters gonna hate" in the first place. Right?

As a result of their personality survey, the team concluded that more positive and more negative dispositional attitudes genuinely exist.

And people's different attitudes did influence their behavior. People who had the so-called positive dispositions were more likely to try new products or participate in activities like recycling.

Meanwhile, the haters with the negative dispositions were going all, "What's the use?"


The team concluded: "[T]he present research provides clear support for the dispositional attitude as a meaningful construct that has important implications for attitude theory and research.

"Some people do tend to like things, whereas others tend to dislike things, and a more thorough understanding of this tendency will lead to a more thorough understanding of the psychology of attitudes."

I don't want to be a hater, and I don't doubt the team's results.

But I'm not sure of the usefulness of the findings. If haters gonna hate, and they're born that way, what can be done about it?

[photo credit: bjornmeansbear via photopin cc]