Obama Tip Receipt Shows President’s Personal Generosity [Photo]

Whatever you think of President Obama, you have to admit that he’s at the very least a very generous tipper.

While grabbing lunch at a deli called Magnolia’s in Rochester, New York on Thursday, Obama left a tip on top of the already added gratuity, resulting in a double tip for Desiree, his server.

The president, casually attired, was grabbing lunch with a group of college students and their parents to talk about the affordability (or lack thereof) of higher education. He ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and cream of tomato soup for himself, but picked up the full bill for all nine guests.

That came out to just under $90, with a 20 percent gratuity of $16.64 automatically added. In the tip line, President Obama seemed to scribble in $20 before crossing that out and deciding on the final tip of $30, which, added with the $16.64, makes for a final tip of $46.64, or 52 percent of the bill.

At the bottom of the receipt he left a note for the server, as well. “Thanks for the great food!” he wrote.

TMZ, who obtained a copy of the receipt, have made note of President Obama’s generosity in the past. In August 2011, he left a 35 percent tip at a Ted’s Bulletin on Capitol Hill, and left an $18 tip at a Raleigh bar in 2008 after drinking a simple $2 PBR.

Do you think that President Obama’s tip was generous, or a publicity stunt of some kind? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below the photo:

Obama tip