Will Britney Surprise Us with an AMA Performance?

Britney might be depressing us with her “sad and uneventful life,” but her manager Larry Rudolph is trying to prove to us that she’s perfectly all right. “‘She’s definitely ready,’ he told People. ‘She loves to work. … She’s a very strong person. Everybody goes through setbacks in their lives. [But] every day, I see her getting happier and stronger.’”

If that’s the case, maybe the rumors are true that Britney will be making an appearance at the American Music Awards on Sunday. Jimmy Kimmel reported that there’s some sort of surprise, but that he “sent…the producer an email yesterday and he was like, I can’t tell you.”

Britney needs to promote Circus anyway, so if she’s behaving like another driving album-promoting machine Sasha Fierce, she will definitely be there. Would you like to see a little “Womanizer” at the AMAs?