JC Chasez: ‘N Sync VMAs Reunion Was Really About Justin Timberlake [Audio]

‘N Sync performed briefly for the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night, but JC Chasez explained that the reunion was really about celebrating frontman Justin Timberlake.

“You know, it was a matter of time. Everybody would ask us, ‘When are you guys going to do something,’” Chasez told Ryan Seacrest Monday morning. “First of all, it was the worst kept secret ever, [but] Justin gave me a buzz and he said, ‘Hey man, listen. I’m getting this award and they have given me a pile of time to perform and we started our careers at MTV and I think we should get the band back together.’”

Timberlake received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, which is given to artists who have made a profound impact on MTV culture. He was also nominated for six awards, and took home three.

Chasez continued, “It really was about him and all that he’s accomplished, but he wanted to acknowledge that part of his career so we all decided to do it.”

Seacrest asked Chasez what the first rehearsal was like after not performing together for a decade.

“Literally, two minutes after seeing everybody you feel like no time has passed. As far as, times change and all of that, but essentially everybody has remained the same and we all see each other at different times,” he said. “But this was the first time we had a rehearsal together in 10 years, so everyone was going, ‘Can we go through this slowly one more time?’”

Chasez said keeping the reunion was more difficult, and that there must have been “cameras in the ceiling” while they were rehearsing.

When he accepted his Video Vanguard Award from Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake noted that half of the 16 moonmen he’d won during his career, he won with “those guys.”

[Photo credit: NSYNC / Twitter]