Jurassic Park Makes Debut In China, Becomes No.1 Film At International Box Office

Jurassic Park has made a lot of money since it hit theaters in 1993, but the classic Steven Spielberg movie has never been shown in China. Well, until this week.

Audiences have been flocking to movie theaters in China this week to see Jurassic Park 3D. The movie earned $30 million this weekend at the global box office and $28.8 million of that money came from China.

Jurassic Park 3D has made close to $45 million overseas since its release earlier this year and nearly $90 million worldwide. The success of the 3D version pushes Jurassic Park into the $1 billion club.

The movie made $914 million after its release in 1993 and has now grossed more than $1 billion. It is the 17th movie in history to earn more than $1 billion worldwide.

The original Jurassic Park is the most successful movie in the franchise but Lost World and Jurassic Park III have also done pretty well at the box office. The Lost World made more than $600 million worldwide and Jurassic Park III made $370 million. Altogether, the Jurassic Park franchise has made close to $2 billion.

And the franchise is still growing. The highly anticipated Jurassic Park 4 will hit theaters sometime in 2015. It will be the first movie in the franchise since 2001.