Lamar Odom Is Not Missing, May Still Be Using Drugs

Where in the world is Lamar Odom? Reports circulated over the weekend that the former NBA player had gone missing, but a rep for the star said that the rumors were not true.

The rep did not elaborate on Odom’s whereabouts but did say that he was “doing fine.”

Fine, of course, is a relative term.

TMZ reports that Odom has been battling addiction for the last two years and that he may have gone back to his old habits recently. Khloe Kardashian reportedly tried to have an intervention this week, but Lamar wasn’t having it.

Khloe reportedly kicked Odom out of the house on Wednesday and the family didn’t see him for nearly 72 hours. A rep for the star said today that Lamar Odom was no longer missing. The rep did not say if the NBA star ever truly disappeared or where he was staying now.

Khloe and Lamar have been on the front page of the tabloids for the last month. Lamar is reportedly cheating on Khloe with several women but that doesn’t appear to be their biggest problem. According to TMZ, the drug issue is what is truly tearing the Kardashian family apart.

Of course, maybe you shouldn’t believe everything you read. Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter today to tell everyone to shut up and stop talking about her family.