Japan Loses 2022 World Cup Bid, Even With Amazing Holographic Promises

I’m sure there’s a lot more that to winning a World Cup bid than cool technology, but if that was even a small part of the process it would amaze me to learn that Japan had lost their 2022 bid.

As part of their bid, Japan promised to project 3D holograms of the games players and the ball onto soccer and football fields around the world, allowing anyone who couldn’t attend the games to see it happen almost as if it were a live event.

The new project is so mind boggling that even Japanese officials were blown away by the idea, with Japan’s committee chief Kohzo Tashima stating:

“I have to admit that the idea of this blows my mind away.”

Here’s Japan’s awesome World Cup bid video:

I wonder if Qatar will be using 3D holographic displays in 2022?