Marquette Fisher: Handcuffed Man Flees By Taking Wheel Of Chicago Police Car

When Marquette Fisher fled the scene of his crime shortly before 1 pm on Friday, he really embarrassed the Chicago police. That’s because he was already handcuffed when he somehow got his hands in front of him, jumped into the front seat of the squad car, and took the wheel.

Before anyone could stop him, the 42-year-old Fisher had driven off. And when they finally did force him over a few blocks away, he still managed to get away on foot.

That’s pretty athletic for a middle-aged guy wearing handcuffs.

Both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune confirm the story.

The sad thing is that Marquette Fisher was pulled over because his Chevy Astro van didn’t stop at a sign. He was arrested and cuffed when the cops realized that he was driving on a suspended license.

Although Fisher made his getaway wearing the handcuffs, the reports don’t say whether or not he was still wearing them when the Chicago police knocked on the door six hours later. Maybe he knows some of those lock-picking tricks we always see people in handcuffs using in the movies.

In fact, the whole getaway seemed like something you’d only try if you’d watched way too many action flicks.

Alas, Marquette Fisher’s daring flight didn’t gain him much. He was picked up shortly before 6:30 PM at his own home.

Fisher has now been been charged with multiple crimes including stealing a law enforcement vehicle, aggravated fleeing, escape from a police officer, and several relatively minor misdemeanor charges like obstructing his identification and numerous traffic violations.

Fisher also had at least one, and possibly two, outstanding warrants for his arrest, which might explain why he was so eager to make a run for it in the first place.

In any case, it wasn’t a good day for the suspect. And you get the idea that the Chicago police aren’t happy with Marquette Fisher for fleeing so easily in their own squad car.

[handcuffs photo by R.T. Images via Shutterstock]