Vending Machine Gives Out Free Beer [Video]

Are you ready to get your drink on? Even better, do you want your drink, specifically beer, for free? If you said yes to either question, you may want to stand in front of this Amstel Pause vending machine.

A video has surfaced that shows several people standing in front of a vending machine in Bulgaria. The Amstel Pause vending machine is the star as different people press the button, and instead of being alerted that they need to put some change in the machine for a beer, the vending machine simply makes each person wait in place for three minutes. So what happens after the three-minute mark is up? The person will receive a free beer of course!

If you’re fixing your phone in front of the vending machine, odds are you probably won’t get your reward at the end of the three-minute wait. This vending machine, who has dispensed 1,344 beers so far, will only reward people who do absolutely nothing for three minutes. So far a reported 84 people are believed to have tried out the vending machine.

We don’t exactly know how this works as a business for Amstel Pause since no money is going into the machine. Perhaps its just a clever promotional tactic to get people interested in the beer? The video which was uploaded two weeks ago by Amstel Bulgaria is titled “The first installation that makes you do nothing.” After the video was uploaded it went viral, and currently has 246,566 views. The video shows a long line of people trying to figure out what to do in front of the machine, so it certainly has reached a certain level of buzz.

What does this mean for our future vending machine? Does this mean other companies will take a similar approach? Will we be waiting patiently for our free peanut M&Ms to dispense? One can only hope.