Another lame ‘awareness’ meme takes over Facebook: Cartoon avatars

A venture about effective as disclosing your bra color, alcohol of choice or suggestive recounting of where you place your purse upon returning home is currently sweeping Facebook, a gesture best described by what dubs “slacktivism.”

A Facebook status update no more boosts “awareness” of a disease or societal ill than slapping a magnetic ribbon on the back of your SUV (that’s probably more effective, and that’s saying a lot) but the current meme that has resulted in your friends’ Facebook pics being replaced by images of cartoons from the 70s, cartoons from the 80s or cartoons from the 90s (depending on how old you are) claims to be doing just that. This particular Facebook trend is ostensibly to “raise awareness” of the vague issue of violence against children. (By their parents? Random violence? Kid on kid violence? Is this an anti-wedgieing initiative?)

Different versions of the plea to fight undefined “violence against children” cite national, local or international weeks of awareness on the subject and implore users to “invade” Facebook with a steady stream of cartoon avatars.

“Change your profile picture to a cartoon character for da month to make a stand against child abuse! Keep it gooooin’!!!!”) (Um, I mean former friends.) 2) To get all the photos of ugly people off of Facebook. Or 3) To honor your childhood.

So go, look at those pictures of Doug and Patty Mayonaise – do you feel more aware of anything other than an urge to punch people in the face?