One Million Cockroaches Escape From Farm In China

At least one million cockroaches managed to escape from a farm in China. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Dafeng in the next few days, be sure to watch where you step.

Farm owner Wang Pengsheng said he was raising the insects for use in traditional medicine. Until they somehow managed to escape from their greenhouse, the farmer said he was feeding them biscuits and fruit every single day. Now it would seem they will have to fend for themselves.

Approximately one million cockroaches escaped into the fields surrounding Wang’s home earlier this month. The farmer said that something destroyed the greenhouse where they were being kept. However, he doesn’t have a clue who or what was responsible for the damage.

A worker at the farm said that the number of insects that escaped from the facility was a “conservative estimate.” In other words, these folks aren’t sure how many of their cockroaches managed to invade the countryside.

In order to keep the infestation under control, officials from the Jiangsu Board of Health reportedly performed a widespread disinfection of the area. Although it’s believed this will take care of the majority of the cockroaches, local residents are asked to keep their eyes peeled for problems.

Unfortunately, the farmer stands to lose a considerable amount of money after the one million cockroaches escaped the greenhouse on his farm. Wang expected to generate a healthy 1,000 yuan profit for every kilogram of insects he sold.

Since his entire product is either dead or enjoying life on the run, the farmer now stands to lose hundreds of thousands of cash as a result. Wang reportedly spent around 100,000 yuan on Periplaneta americana eggs for his business.

What would you do if one million cockroaches escaped into the town where you live?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]