Xbox One: Launch Date Possibly Leaked On Amazon

The Xbox One launch date may have been leaked on Amazon.

It seems legitimate so far because all of the Xbox One first-party launch titles are being dropped on the same day, but Microsoft has yet to confirm the launch date of their next generation console.

Rumors have surrounded the console followup to the Xbox 360 since its unofficial announcement in 2012, and Microsoft has been tight-lipped about all of them even in the face of blatant internet leaks.

For one, we knew more about the Xbox One before it was revealed in May, as the people behind Windows only seemed to confirm most of it. About all we really learned that day was that a non-exclusive launch title featured a dog, Microsoft seemed obsessed with delivering TV through the console, and oh yes, the name was Xbox One (as opposed to Xbox Infinity and Xbox 720). The rest has been a back and forth battle as Microsoft wrestles with figuring out what exactly the console is going to do, leading to Sony’s continuing ridicule.

The Xbox One launch date was supposedly leaked on Amazon, as a combination of release dates all seem to sync up on November 27. The items in question include first-party peripherals and the Forza Motorsport 5 bundle, as well as a few other first-party launch titles. The release date all these things have in common may only be a placeholder at this point, as other games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts have a November 5 release date, or it could be that these items will be sold on that day but all shipped the same day as the console.

Video games, as well as other highly anticipated forms of media, have been known to sit in the back, labeled with a sign that says, “Do not display until…,” so the games could very easily have shipped long before their release date.

Other confirmed launch titles such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch_Dogs have been listed with a December 31 release date, so the November 27 Xbox One launch date is all just speculation at this point.