'Slane Girl' Now Claims Sexual Assault: Was Her Drink Spiked?

Addam Corré

The 17-year-old schoolgirl, known as the 'Slane girl' has been at the center of an internet misogyny row recently. The story broke when pictures of her performing oral sex on a man, in public at the recent Eminem concert in Slane Castle, Ireland, were circulated on the internet.

The girl became so distraught after the incident that she was admitted to hospital. She has now made an official complaint of sexual assault to the local Gardai (Irish police). She has also complained that her drink may have been spiked.

The Irish Times reported that the schoolgirl was examined at a specialist sexual assault unit. She also had blood tests taken to see if her drink was in fact tampered with on the day that the incident occurred.

The viral photograph shows the girl performing a sex act on one man, but other photographs and video footage show her kissing yet another man at the concert. There is no suggestion at this time that the man who she performed the sex act on was the one who assaulted her or spiked her drink.

Just to make matters worse another video of the Slane girl has been circulating around the web, showing her surrounded by about eight men. The men seem to be verbally abusing her and can be seen pushing her as she kisses a man. The video has subsequently been removed by YouTube and police are reviewing the footage.

The Police say that due to the fact that the schoolgirl is under 18, the images and video footage could constitute child pornography. A number of the Twitter accounts which shared the images and crude comments about the girl have been shut down, as has a "slut-shaming" page on Facebook.

The current storm that has erupted over the pictures of the schoolgirl giving oral sex at the Eminem concert are just the tip of the iceberg though. A large number of complaints have been made by prominent woman and female Ministers in the U.K., that they have been subjected to vile and sexually explicit threats and comments received via their Twitter accounts.

It remains to be seen what charges, if any, are to be levelled against the people accused of spiking the Slane girl's drink. It will also be interesting to see whether actual sexual assault charges will be brought.