Can smoking or snorting nutmeg get you high?

See, this is what happens when you take away the Four Loko and whipahol.

Enterprising teens whose dealers haven’t called them back yet are, according to several local news affiliates, taking to the spice cabinet to try to scare up a cheap and easy buzz. Nutmeg, which is generally a really underrated ingredient in mac & cheese, is apparently becoming the spiciest drug of choice among kids who can’t legally buy alcohol and can’t easily get pot.

YouTube videos depicting teens rolling and smoking the spice for a nutmeg high, and one local news outlet even says nutmeg “can absolutely be a gateway drug.” The same affiliate spoke to a teen girl who has smoked nutmeg before, and she explains it was the evil Google that lead she and her friends astray:

“We went on Google and looked up things to smoke that you can use like from your house,” she said. “So then nutmeg came up and my friend was like, ‘I have nutmeg’.”

She said they turned an apple into a pipe.

“And then you smoke it,” she said. “You light it and then you inhale through the apple.” She said the effect is similar to smoking marijuana.

Teens who have experimented with getting high off nutmeg describe experiences ranging from no reaction to inability to speak after consuming the substance. (Bear in mind, teenagers will also fall over, fight and bonk each other under the bleachers if you tell them juice is spiked.) Erowid has a few submitted experiences about a nutmeg high, and if you’re outraged, you can join a Facebook group committed to removing that je ne sais quoi from apple pie.