Zion Baby: Police Target Landfill In Search For Missing Infant

The missing Zion baby, 5-month-old, Joshua Summeries, has still not been found despite a massive effort from hundreds of police officers.

Zion police, assisted by highly trained sniffer dogs, were at the Advanced Disposal Landfall at 701 Green Bay Road in Friday morning. They have been sifting through refuse in an effort to locate little Joshua.

Police Chief Wayne Brooks posted a statement on Facebook on Friday: “The sad truth is that our search for Joshua has lead to the landfill. As you can imagine the tedious process of searching a landfill is a tremendously overwhelming and demanding task. Currently more than 50 law enforcement officers and two nationally-recognized and highly-trained search dogs are combing the landfill.”

He continued: “We remain steadfast in our mission to find Joshua and more determined than ever to give that small infant a voice in our justice system.”

Brooks also spoke about the difficulties involved in finding the missing Zion baby: “The size of a five-month-old is very small, not self-sufficient in any way out there in the elements, therefore we don’t believe there’s a lot of hope, but we still have some.”

Some local residents feel the police have narrowed their search too much and are not doing their job properly. One Zion resident, Diequawa Lakes, spoke to reporters:

“There’s a long stretch of woods, and I have not seen anyone over there. I’ve been riding by every day, and I have not seen anyone over there. So I was just trying to get together enough people to see if we can walk through and just go look ourselves, because I don’t think the Zion police are doing their job good, I’m sorry.”

The search for the missing Zion baby continues as media sources closely follow the events in Zion as they unfold.