Deion Sanders Jr. Under Investigation After Lil' Wayne Concert

Deion Sanders Jr. could be in hot water for attending a Lil' Wayne concert last week.

Sanders Jr., the son of NFL great Deion Sanders, was photographed backstage at a Dallas concert with Lil' Wayne. Sanders isn't doing anything illegal in the photo but Southern Methodist University is investigating the photo to see if Sanders Jr. abused his status to get back stage access.

The NCAA doesn't allow college players to use their status to gain any type of benefits. Sanders is wearing an SMU shirt in the photo and the University is curious to see if the fact that he is a football player helped him get backstage.

Brad Sutton, sports information director for SMU, said that he is not accusing Sanders of violating any rules but added that it his responsibility to investigate.

Sutton said: "It's not the NCAA. It's our compliance office. Just doing their due diligence. We don't expect to find anything amiss, but it's our responsibility to check stuff like this out."

It's unclear how Deion Sanders Jr. got backstage at the Lil' Wayne concert but one theory is that his celebrity father is good friends with the singer. That would technically count as "using his status" to gain benefits but it really wouldn't have anything to do with SMU. Or football.

SMU has a responsibility to investigate Deion Sanders Jr. but it isn't likely that the freshman football star will face any punishment. When his coach June Jones was made aware of the situation he said: "If Deion wants to take his son somewhere, I think he can."