Tropical Storm Ivo Growing Stronger As It Moves Toward Mexico

Tropical Storm Ivo is continuing in its path toward Mexico's Baja California peninsula, bringing strong wind and rains that could affect the United States.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami said Ivo was lumbering off the coast of Mexico at 14 miles per hour, working its way toward Cabo San Lucas. It was forecast to move parallel to the country's coast for at least a few more days, bringing sustained winds of 45 miles per hour.

Tropical Storm Ivo has tropical storm.

In all Tropical Storm Ivo is expected to bring 1 to 3 inches of rain, with up to 5 inches in some areas. Swimmers and boaters could face even harsher conditions, as it's expected to bring "life-threatening surf and rip conditions" along the coast.

Tropical Storm Ivo is the ninth named storm of the 2013 hurricane season in the Pacific. These storms are not as destructive as their Atlantic counterparts, normally remaining at sea or moving parallel to the coast, with storms only rarely coming ashore.

Though the Atlantic hurricane season is underway, there are no tropical storms or hurricanes currently moving in the Atlantic hurricane basin.

Forecasters say Tropical Storm Ivo could bring heavy rains to the American southwest, with the potential for flash flooding.