‘Gran Turismo 6’: Sony Says Porting To PS Vita Would Be Difficult, But It Isn’t

Sony says Gran Turismo 6 would be difficult to port to the PlayStation Vita, but it isn’t.

No matter how impressive the game is, there is always a simple way to bring it to portable devices. It doesn’t always turn out as good as its big brother equivalent, but once in a while we see a reworked title that is just as fun on the less powerful devices. Look at Assassin’s Creed, for example. The developers practically reworked the entire game for mobile devices, but it ended up being just as fun, if not more so, as its Xbox 360 and PS3 counterpart.

Even Warner Bros. Games Montreal knows that no matter how big the game is, it can be shrunk into a smaller form. Even though they’re letting Armature Studio handle it, Batman: Arkham Origins is being given a Blackgate version on 3DS and PS Vita that promises to be just as fun, even if the game is being radically redesigned into a pseudo-2D gameplay style. Once again, a big game is being ported to a portable device.

It’s not difficult to put Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation Vita. Sony just needs to figure out what to keep and what to throw out. It’s a racing game at its core, and there have been successful racing titles on Android and iPhone.

Sony president Shuhei Yoshida has stated that the PlayStation Vita, as powerful as it is, isn’t capable of handling a game that pushes PlayStation 3 to its limits. That’s where sacrifices come in, Sony. Gran Turismo 6 is a racing game, and it doesn’t need to have everything the PS3 version does in order to be fun. Cut a few things out, rework what needs reworking, and keep it fun. That is how games have been ported to smaller consoles since the GameBoy. It’s not that difficult; it just takes some thinking through.

PlayStation Vita can handle anything the PS3 can, provided Sony knows what to cut and what to leave intact. Gran Turismo 6 is no different.