Virgin Media Announces 1TB DVR Unit Powered By TiVo

Virgin Media on Wednesday debuted their Virgin Media TV powered by TiVo system, the unit allows users to access on-demand programs, watch live TV with pause and rewind functions and record programs. Users can also access apps directly from the device.

The new set top box includes 1TB storage space, while providing three individual tuners, the last of which will be enabled with a software update sometime in 2011.

Thrown into the mix is Virgin telling customers that they will receive standard and high definition programming options, as well as 3D access.

For the truly power hungry user, dedicated bandwidth is being given to the service with a built in 10Mpbs broadband modem.

The TiVo box will be available in mid-December at an initial cost of £199 ($310) and a per month fee of £26.50 ($41). For 160 channels, we say it’s worth the cost!