Hulk Hogan Arm Wrestles Mayor Rob Ford, Loses [Video]

Hulk Hogan and Mayor Rob Ford sat down for an arm wrestling match this week and the professional wrestler actually lost.

Of course, this was a “friendly” match and Hulk wasn’t exactly trying too hard. After all, his visit with the mayor was to promote the Fan Expo in Canada this month and not to embarrass the already embarrassed mayor.

So when the two sat down across from each other and the cameras started snapping photos you kind of already knew what was going to happen. Still, Hulk and Ford acted tough and traded some trash talk.

Hogan said: “Oh big man, that’s all you got, huh? You know something, not only am I going to rip this arm off, I’m going to take your job while I’m at it, brother. They’re going to call me Mayor Hogan!”

After losing the match, Hulk told reporters that he only lost because “the sun was in his eyes.”

Hogan will be taking his “uncensored tour” to the Fan Expo in Canada but apparently the tour only refers to questions about his own life. When asked about Ford’s alleged crack addiction Hogan played dumb and ignored the question.

He did, however, answer a question about Mayor Rob Ford’s potential wrestling name.

Hogan said: “The Fantastic Ford.”

Here’s the video of Hulk Hogan and Mayor Rob Ford arm wrestling. You can read more about the Fan Expo here.