Vin Scully Returning To Dodgers For 65th Season

Vin Scully will be returning to the Dodgers in 2014 for his 65th year season.

At 85-years-old, Scully is taking it year to year with the Dodgers. The longtime broadcaster announced today that he is still in good health and would like to continue his work in the broadcast booth for at least one more year.

Scully said that the decision return came down to a pretty simple question: Why not? The longtime announcer didn’t have any reason to stop so he’s going to return for his 65th season.

Scully said: “It has been such an exciting, enjoyable, wonderful season — the big crowds in the ballpark, everybody is talking about the ballclub, and I really respect, admire and love the management — so everything just fell into place. I really still enjoy it immensely. My health is good, thank God. So why not? And my wife said, ‘Why not?’ as well.”

The LA Times reports that Scully began his career with the Dodgers before many people had televisions. The longtime announced said that his parents had to go to a restaurant in 1950 to watch his first broadcast.

Vin said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed the excitement of this season, and there is no way I could leave this truly remarkable team and our great fans. With my wife Sandi’s blessing, I’ve decided I’d like to come back and do it again next season. I love what the new ownership has brought to the team, and the energy provided by the fans, who have packed renovated Dodger Stadium. It reminds me that other than being home with my family, there is no place else I’d rather be.”

Im thrilled that Vin is coming back for a 65th season calling games for our ball club. He’s the greatest.

— Tommy Lasorda (@TommyLasorda) August 23, 2013

Dodgers chairman and owner Mark Walter said: “The Dodgers are overjoyed to have Vin back with the team in 2014. Vin IS Dodgers baseball. The Dodgers, the sport of baseball and the city of Los Angeles are extremely fortunate to have him in our midst.”

Are you excited to see Vin Scully return to the Dodgers for his 65th season?