Cheaterville Lawsuit! Couple Sues Over Infidelity On Blast Site

Heard of Cheaterville? If the name doesn't give it away, it's a website where philandering louts can be outed by spurned lovers.

Cheaterville and other sites before it prove inevitably hugely popular, but with one caveat... how do you know the allegations are true?

After all, I could blast you on Cheaterville because you accidentally stepped on my begonias. Despite the issues about verification, sites like Cheaterville do well, in part because they appeal to our greatest fears and desires... betrayal, and gossip. All on one site!

But a California couple's Cheaterville experience is one that fell on the disputed part of the spectrum, and now the site is being federally sued over alleged false claims of cheating.

Sacramento man Jared Powers and wife Winona were horrified to discover Jared's name and info on Cheaterville, along with allegations he was seeking gay affairs via Craigslist "on the down low."

Saying he was "shocked, angry, [and] betrayed," Jared explains that the accusations he says are defamatory and untrue... and that Cheaterville refused to remove the post.

Wife Winona explains that the couple pled with Cheaterville to remove the information alleged, and they had an infuriating experience:

"They replied and said we could make a comment if it's not true... That was irritating. I was upset. The fact they just wanted to toy with us."

Cheaterville has since agreed to unmask the person or persons who posted about Jared Powers on the site, but their attorney also pooh-poohed the risk of being named and shamed on Cheaterville, even if you're innocent.

Marc Randazza commented:

"These are claims that nobody has seen since mid-January, and nobody remembers - but they will obtain far more notoriety, credence, and permanence as part of a federal lawsuit than they ever could on Cheaterville."

While Randazza's Cheaterville assessment may be true in the short term, it's still not really fair to expect people not to feel exposed when wrongly named on the site. Powers is still federally suing the people who posted the allegedly untrue info to Cheaterville.

If you want to check Cheaterville -- you know, just for intellectual curiosity -- you can click here to search your honey. (Or yourself!)