Natalie Dormer Joining Hunger Games Franchise As Cressida

Natalie Dormer is officially the first newcomer for the final editions of the Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay Part 1 and Part 2.

The Game of Thrones actress was picked to play the role of Cressida, the resident director from the Capitol who joins Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and the rebellion. She becomes the first actor the join the series who is not a holdover from either The Hunger Games or the upcoming sequel Catching Fire, which will be released in November.

Natalie Dormer is best known for her portrayal of Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones and as Anne Boleyn in The Tudors.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay is set for release in November 2014. It follows Katniss Everdeen as she leads a rebellion against the Capitol and struggles to find out who she can trust. The final installment of the series is set to debut almost exactly a year later, being released in November 2015.

Through two installments the Hunger Games series has amassed a star-studded cast that includes Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jeffrey Wright, Stanley Tucci, and Donald Sutherland/.

Natalie Dormer is not the only newcomer in talks to join the Hunger Games franchise. Julianne Moore has been working with producers to take on the part of Alma Coin, the District 13 president and rebellion leader.

Sources say Moore has been working with studio executives on a deal to join the franchise and could be close to joining. Her potential character plays an increasingly important role as she comes into conflict with Katniss as the revolution grows.

Natalie Dormer has a pretty busy slate outside of her work on Hunger Games: Mockingjay. She is also slated to appear in a couple of highly anticipated movies, Ron Howard’s Rush and Ridley Scott’s The Counselor.