Calling All Star Trek Fans – Your Chance To Design The Next Enterprise

I personally think that the last Star Trek reboot was a really good movie and well worth being a part of the Star Trek franchise and as we all know there is a sequel in the work but what you may not know is that there is a contest happening that let’s you enter your design for the next Starship Enterprise.

According to a post on Geekosystem the site Star Trek Online has announced the contest that starting December 9th will let you submit your designs for the next Enterprise.

One lucky winner will have their idea made into an actual in-game ship. What’s most intriguing is the implication that this will make their design canonical.

Cryptic’s announcement states that they are working with CBS to offer the contest, which begs the question: is the new design going to be used in a future Star Trek movie?

Winners will receive a gamut of prizes running from an Alienware laptop to a simple copy of Star Trek Online, kind of making the contest of more interest to non-players than players.