Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Pistol Whipped Over Wrong Coffee Flavor [Video]

America was running “wild” on Dunkin’ on Tuesday.

A Dunkin’ Donuts employee wound up allegedly getting pistol whipped because he apparently served a drive-thru customer iced coffee with caramel rather than vanilla.

A couple placed the drive-thru order in question on Tuesday afternoon at the Lauderhill, Fla., store, and when they discovered their order was wrong, they parked their car and went inside to have a chat with the manager.

The discussion quickly got “animated,” according to CBS Miami, and before long, a brawl broke out between the couple and the worker who took their drive-thru order. The incident was caught on surveillance video.

The suspect, identified in media accounts as Jeffrey Wright, 27, allegedly pulled out a loaded 9 mm handgun and pounded the employee on the head several times.

The Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that “During the altercation, Wright’s wife, Alexis Longo, 22, allegedly urged Wright to shoot [the employee], police said.”

Wright reportedly works as a security guard and holds a concealed carry permit. The manager and other customers tired to break up the fight until police arrived.

The employee offered to fix his mistake, but the couple allegedly wouldn’t tell him how they wanted the coffee served.

Wright and his wife were both arrested for their role in the melee and taken to Broward County jail. Wright was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon on a $20,000 bond and Longo was charged with simple battery.

This is of course hardly the first instance of drive-thru rage as a result of messed-up orders at fast-food restaurants across the country. In June, a Wendy’s customer had a “melt” down because he asked for a hamburger, not a cheeseburger, and he of course received a cheeseburger. There was no violence involved in this particular incident, however.

On the other hand, in April, a police detective pointed a gun at a customer in the drive-thru window because the customer was supposedly holding up the line.