Nerf Gun Battle Leads To School Lockdown

A Nerf gun battle led to a school lockdown in Elyria, Ohio. The Elyria Police Department received all call stating that shots were fired at Open Door Christian School. Every available officer, from five different agencies, responded to the scene.

Officers with the Elyria Police Department, the Lorain County Sheriff’s Department, Elyria Fire Department, and Lorain County Metro Park patrol, rushed to surround the building.

As reported by Chronicle Online, the school was put on lockdown while officers investigated the shooting. They soon realized that something was wrong. School administrators had no idea why the police were surrounding the building.

It turns out that some of the students were celebrating the first day of school by having a Nerf gun battle. One of the staff members sent a text message to her daughter, stating that one of the students shot at her office door. With a Nerf gun.

The woman’s daughter misunderstood the message. She thought one of the students had a real gun, and was trying to shoot her mother.

Police eventually learned that the battle did not take place inside the school. The children were playing inside a church, which is in an adjacent building.

Head of schools, Denver Daniel, apologized for the misunderstanding. However, he praised the officers’ response time.


As reported by Huffington Post, the woman who called to report the shooting later apologized to police. Captain Chris Costantino assured her that she did the right thing.

Unfortunately, children bring real guns to school far too often. The officers were relieved that it was a false alarm. If nothing else, the officers proved that they are capable gathering forces and responding to an emergency situation when necessary.

The Nerf gun battle caused a lockdown for around 15 minutes. When the officers realized everything was OK, the children proceeded with the rest of their day as usual. Their first day of school turned out to be more exciting than they ever expected.

[Image via Flickr]