TCU to join the Big East

The TCU University Horned Frogs will be moving to the Big East Conference starting in 2010. We are likely to hear how this is a great fit for football and the University’s other sports but one thing, and one thing only made the school make this move. That thing is the Big East as an automatic BCS bid, while the Mountain West does not. This gives the Big East 10 football schools, with the ultimate goal of probably securing a 10th team to round out Big East Football.

TCU will join Cincinnati, UConn, Louisville, Pitt, Rutgers, South Florida, Syracuse, and West Virginia as football school in the conference. Granted I am not the biggest college football guy out there, but that seems like a pretty good conference. I certainly will enjoy watching TCU take on new opponents and getting the chance to travel to a much closer TCU contest. As long as the do not wear those god awful frog skin uniforms.