Rose Powell And Flame Brewer Youngest Wing-Walkers Ever

Two 9-year-old girls from London successfully flew above the skies of Gloucestershire to become the world’s youngest formation wing-walkers.

Cousins Rose Powell and Flame Brewer are the third generation of their families to wing-walk on the bi-plans, which are owned by pilot and grandfather, Vic Norman.

According to BBC News, Powell, a student at Thomas’s school in Fulham, west London, said her cousin had the idea but it was a “once in a lifetime experience“.

Her cousin Brewer, who attends Notting Hill Prep school, said: “It was really fun and really windy. The best bit is just being in the air.”

The report continued on to say that the girls wanted to use the challenge as a way of raising money and awareness for the Duchenne Children’s Trust, which raises money for research into the fatal genetic disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

ABC News reported that the girl’s friend, Eli Crossley, suffers from the disease.

“My cousin and I came up with the idea to be the youngest formation wing-walking team and wanted to help Eli together,” said Flame, according to ITV News. “I’m really excited and a bit nervous at the same time.”

ABC News reported that the girls come from a family of wing-walkers.

Brewer’s brother, Tiger, in 2009 set a record when he wing-walked with his grandfather at the age of 8.

“It’s quite scary when you take off but if you like mega funfair rides I think you’ll find the take-off really cool,” Powell said.


“The best bit was probably taking off or doing the Superwoman pose.”

These girls where on a mission, and they did something many would fear to do, especially given the safety concerns.

ABC News suggested that their grandfather downplayed any safety concerns.

“They’re in a special little seat up there,” Norman told reporters. “They’re strapped in with a five-point harness. I think they’ll be fine.”

Despite the safety concerns, the girls flew high and enjoyed their experience becoming the youngest wing-walkers ever.

[Image by Paul D Smith /]