Tiger Woods Blames Soft Hotel Bed For Missing Tournament

Tiger Woods missed a tournament earlier this week due to injury and then blamed his soft hotel bed for his absence.

Woods remarked that his neck and back were in constant pain because of his mattress. The golfer was in Jersey City, New Jersey, preparing for an amateur tournament that is hosted by Barclays bank, which starts today.

However, on Wednesday his preparation for the tournament was cut short when he opted against playing the second half of a practice round and then blamed his injury for his decision.

Woods continued to walk around with his partners on the course; however, he only decided to chip and putt at the Liberty National golf course.

The controversial golfer then admitted that his stiff neck and back were to blame and that he noticed the injuries in the morning. Woods then pointed out that his bed was too soft and that he was wary that the pain could have been exacerbated so decided not to push it even further.

At the PGA Championship, Woods was spotted grabbing his back in pain; plus, earlier this summer, he had an elbow injury that blighted his performances for around two months.

Woods added that he isn't concerned about his current injury, and that when he returned home he felt completely fine.

He was then asked whether he would still be sleeping on troublesome bed tonight or if a replacement mattress would be found, to which he simply responded, "We'll have something."

The Barclays tournament began on Thursday and the course offers stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. Some of the world's finest golfers are competing, and Phil Mickelson will be looking to end his year on a high. Mickelson could be labeled the Player of the Year for the first time in his career if he wins.

[Image via s_bukley/Shutterstock]