FCC Possibly Ready To Vote On Net Neutrality On December 21

The FCC has pushed their next scheduled meeting back from December 2 to December 21, leading some analysts to speculate that they will take that time to vote on the issue of net neutrality.

InformationWeek reports that three Democratic commissioners will likely vote for the “consumer-friendly regulation,” while two Republicans are asking for “relatively unfettered oversight favoring industry players.”

The issue of Net Neutrality has continued to heat up over the last year, in April 2010 the FCC sent a cease and desist order to Comcast, telling them to stop throttling video bandwidth. Comcast in that case argued that throttling such services ensured enough bandwidth was left for all regular browsing functionality. The Court Of Appeals of Washington ruled in favor of Comcast in that instance, a ruling that only stoked the fires of unfair play among many internet activists.

It’s still unclear if the FCC will actually vote on Net Neutrality come December 21, but if they do and issues such as throttling are allowed to occur, we can expect plenty of outrage during the Christmas holiday.

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