Benedict Cumberbatch Attacks UK Government On Sherlock Set

Sherlock actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, decided to take a break from filming to criticise the media coverage the production was getting.

The English actor wrote various notes on four handwritten sheets on A4 paper and then held them up to the crowd that had gathered to watch him film BBC's detective drama.

Cumberbatch looked to criticise the United Kingdom's Conservative government for their attitude towards civil liberties, which come after David Miranda, the partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald, was detained.

One note read, "Questions we have a right to ask in a democracy - Cameron, THeresa May, GCHQ, teachers, parents, each other."

He then continued, "Hard drives smashed, journalists detained at airports. Democracy? Schedule 7 Prior restraint - is this erosion of civil liberties winning the war on terror?"

Cumberbatch, who is set to star in The Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug later this year, then wrote, "What do they not want you to know? And how did they get to know ti? Does the exposure of their techniques cause a threat to our security or does it just cause them embarrassment?"

Cumberbatch had previously taken the time to tell the paparazzi that continuously follow him to, "Go photograph Egypt and show the world something important," on Sunday.

After he made his statements, the actor then returned to filming before visiting some of the patients with Teenage Cancer at University College London Hosptial's NHS Foundation Trust.

He can be seen walking into the building below:

Previously, Sherlock's showrunner, Steven Moffat discussed the acting partnership of Martin Freeman and Cumberbatch, who play Watson and Holmes respectively, by noting, "The show could not continue without Benedict and Martin. It's absolutely them. Benedict and Marting have been announcing that they're happy to come back and keep doing it."

He then added, "It would be quite nice to do it for a long, long time - let them age and become the normal aged Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson."

[Image via Twitter]