August 23, 2013
How I Became A Hacker In 45 Minutes

Hacktivism is a really big catch phrase at the moment thanks to groups like LulzSec and Anonymous. In many cases, hackers involved in those groups are experts in javascript, C++, Ruby on Rails, and various other programming standards. However, many "volunteers" simply help arrange DDoS attacks and offer assistance when trained and very specifically instructed.

After years of voicing my support and sometimes disgust for Anonymous --- it really is a love/hate relationship --- I decided to become a hacker. For the record, I don't know the difference between compiling and no compiling, and C++ is as foreign to me as speaking Japanese.

Finding A Great Hacking Program: Easy As Pie

I quickly turned my attention to, a popular destination for hackers, hacker wannabees, and hackers selling their services. Almost immediately after typing "Hack Webcams" into the websites search function, I discovered DarkComet. The program is a popular RAT (Remote Administration Tool) application that easily acquires access to a users computer when they attempt to install or open downloaded files created by the program. Before I discovered the program, I had never heard of RATs, and I most certainly didn't realize how easy they were to figure out.

DarkComet to say the least is one of the easiest programs I have ever installed on a Windows PC. The program is available for free from, and it's a relatively small file at less than 10MB.

Once I finished installing DarkComet, I followed a simple HackForums guide to set up the platform for immediate use. Here is a quick example of what a DarkComet display looks like with hacked victims being displayed.


Masking My Identity: Yet Another Free And Useful Program

Hacking a computer is simple, but not getting caught is a whole different situation. I chose to follow several user suggestions and download a program from The app masks a users IP address while following their computer when their IP address may change without warning. No-IP is not only simple to install, a guide was once again offered which was voted on by HackForum users as one of the "best guides" on the market for IP masking.

With DarkComet installed and No-IP practically setup out of the box, I moved on to the Crypting process.

Crypting is the means by which a file is hidden from security programs. For example, if you don't want to get caught immediately by AVG, you need to Crypt your file and then send it out to the masses. I purchased a Crypting program at a cost of $25 per month. The program was made available through a popular HackForums user and provided me with a very simple tutorial for getting started. Here's a screenshot of the simple screen featured on Absolute Crypter:

DarkComet Setup Crypter and DUC

Encrypting My Virus For $25 Per Month

With the Crypter in hand, I built a "Stub" on DarkComet which is essentially the virus. This process involves setting up a connection between DarkComet and No-IP and then through my Crypter. With the stub file in hand I crypted the file by changing its name to "Justin Bieber Never Before Heard Song" and then I changed the ICO file (the desktop image that displays) to an MP3 music symbol. I then "binded" the virus with Justin Bieber's song "Baby." I chose a real Justin Bieber song because a user would simply believe the person who uploaded the MP3 added the wrong song when in actuality they were infected with a Trojan horse.

With my new file in hand I had a few friends volunteer their PCs for my hacking project. Each of the users had either AVG, Norton Anti-Virus or Kaspersky installed. Immediately after installation I had access to their webcam, computer files, screenshots of current activity, and much more. On the positive side they got to listen to Justin Bieber's "Baby." Sorry about that guys.

I still don't know how it works. I think maybe there is now a magical leprechaun living inside my computer. I'm not a programmer, I don't pretend to be, and yet I was able to hack computers in only minutes.

How To Spread Your DarkComet Created RAT

So how do these programs spread? People download what they think is a new Justin Bieber song from a popular forum or they try to obtain illegal Minecraft files from popular download destinations. The truth is that every single time you download an illegal file from the internet there is a very real chance that you are being Ratted by DarkComet and other RAT programs that are free to obtain and very easy for even an idiot with no programming experience *raises hand* to set up.

Special note: This guide is by no means a complete guide to hacking. For example, a user can better protect their identity with use of a VPN. However, I chose to focus on the basics of DarkComet and RAT hacking to showcase how easy the basics are to understand.

That's how I became a hacker in 45 minutes and how you can become a hacker just as easily.