Royal Baby: Prince George Turns One-Month-Old Today

Prince George, the royal baby, is turning one month old today. And we still haven't seen him much and he's always sleeping.

His proud parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, have also stayed away from the limelight, while they are away from London at her parents' home in Bucklebury.

It seems as though he's been around forever though. The wait was longer than anticipated, whether by design or because Kate was truly late, we might not know, but after he was finally born on July 22 there was an even greater interest in everything baby George.

His mom, Kate Middleton has not been seen in public since she stepped out of the hospital with her husband William and baby in her arms. William, however has been a bit more visible in the last week or so.

So what is a one-month-old baby expected to be doing?

As we saw in the recent family photos released on Monday, he's getting a little plumper and one can assume mom's milk is helping him achieve all his growing goals.

At this time George should be firmly gripping on a forefinger and even though he is getting stronger, he is not able to support his head, so anyone holding him still needs to put a hand under his little head.

The little baby also recognizes some voices, such as mom and possibly dad. Infants are usually attracted to high pitched voices, maybe that's why everyone talks to babies like that

Prince George is likely to be feeding every two to three hours, which is a demanding schedule on mom, but since Prince William seems very involved and she also has her family's help, it is likely she can take naps during the day. She looks stunning.

Prince George is certain to reach many more milestones to the delight of her parents and extended family. We might hear what else the one-month-old heir to the throne is up to from his proud dad/