Yvonne Baldelli: Remains Found In Panama May Be Missing Woman

Yvonne Baldelli has been missing since November 2011. The 42-year-old California woman moved to Panama in October 2011. One month later, she vanished.

Baldelli moved to Panama with her boyfriend Brian Brimager. When Baldelli missed a family reunion in January 2012, her family knew something was wrong.

As reported by CBS News, Baldelli moved to Panama for a “fresh start.” However, she maintained contact with her family. Baldelli’s family contends that is was unusual for her to miss the reunion.

Authorities in Panama claim Baldelli’s relationship with Brimager was strained. Brimager reportedly assaulted Baldelli on numerous occasions.

Brimager left Panama less than two weeks after Yvonne Baldelli disappeared. He first went to Costa Rica. However, he eventually moved to California, where he currently resides with his wife.

As reported by KTLA, Brimager denies any involvement in Baldelli’s disappearance.

Authorities in Panama and the US believe Brimager harmed Baldelli before he fled the country. He was arrested in June and charged with obstruction of justice and making false statements.

The federal indictment details the charges:

” [Brimager]… created a cover story to explain her whereabouts… impersonated Baldelli over email in an attempt to trick her friends and family into believing she was still alive.”

Deputy Chief U.S. Attorney Hamilton Arendsen explains that Brimager reportedly destroyed a mattress soaked in blood, and made numerous withdrawals from Baldelli’s bank account after she went missing.

Yvonne Baldelli MissingOn Wednesday, an Isla Carenero resident found a backpack while hiking in the jungle. When he looked inside the “green military style” bag, he found a human skull.

The man took the backpack to authorities. In addition to the skull, the bag contained other bones and women’s clothing. Authorities have suggested that the bag belonged to Baldelli.

Yvonne Baldelli’s friends and family would like to have closure. However, they hoped she would be found alive.

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